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Why The “Truther” Fight Will Not Bring Down The Control Mechanism

Why The “Truther” Fight Will Not Bring Down The Control Mechanism

As it is becoming more and more obvious that there is a clear control mechanism behind the curtain on this planet, who are manipulating aspects of our experience for their own benefit, there are many souls who are beginning to notice this and in a way, are beginning to do something about it. The souls appear to be falling into a few different groups:

The group who still doesn’t see the control mechanism in place.

The group who sees it, is angry, judgmental, fearful and who wants to fight it.

And the group who sees it and wishes to see it change by letting go of the need for the elite control by not buying into the structures they enforce.

The first two are who I wish to gear this article towards as these are the ones continuing to reinforce it in some ways by the actions they take.

First, know that we are all connected as souls on this planet. As each and every one of us shift our perception and beliefs, it offers a huge contribution to the collective because we are all creating this reality together. One person truly does contribute to change the entire planet. Also, this isn’t an article written to point out that anyone is doing anything wrong or that none of what is playing out isn’t serving. This article is simply a sharing of information coming at a vibration geared towards offering clarity to those who are ready to hear it and ready to begin waking up to who they are and what this is all about.

We started this website almost a year and a half ago and even in the span of time we have been sharing what we share, the amount of changes that have taken place on the planet have been huge. We have seen a huge number of people who never questioned anything begin to question things and a number of people go from being angry about it all to seeing why it’s there and how it has served. More and more we are seeing many step away from the angry fight movement and into an understanding of what is truly taking place on our planet at this time.

I wanted to share a bit about why the “fight” the truth movement is fighting won’t bring down the control mechanism. First we need to understand, those who are in power, the control mechanism itself, is nothing more than a group of beings who have manipulated the human program and created a reality that operates off a certain frequency. With the program they have created they are able to control everyone’s perceptions and reality simply by having them identify with aspects of themselves that are not truly them. This program is essentially what takes over and drives the experience from there on out. This program keeps our true nature and essence disconnected as we think this is all there is.

The program is a multi layered matrix designed to always create enemies out of others and to always make sure the person cannot actually step out of it, for if they did they would be able to dis-empower this program and stop being a part of the control mechanism that’s in place. Through survival mode, fear, destruction, anger, guilt, fighting and judgment, this program maintains its life. This is why the majority of our structures like, religion, health care, financial system, education security etc, are all based around these different thoughts and emotions. By keeping those modalities in the background of each structure, those who continue to buy into it will always be reinforcing the vibration this level of reality requires to stay in place.

That being said, as many people are discovering what this control mechanism is truly about and who’s behind it, they are stepping out of one trap in the matrix and getting involved in another –the anger, the judgment, the revenge, the fight, and the fear. These are all archaic ideas and ways of gaining power back. So often we see “truthers” wanting to prosecute and kill these elite, calling them scum and various names all out of hatred for what they have done. All this is really doing is locking each individual into a vibration that this whole control mechanism runs off of!

The control mechanism will not come down by us reinforcing it with all of our emotions and hatred towards it. It will only come down when we let go of the vibrations that reinforce it! When we begin to find out who we truly are. Our true loving essence as souls collectively creating on this planet. We have not been made victims, we do not have to fight, we do not have to prosecute these people! We simply have to stop reinforcing it and let go of the power we put towards it. The more we fight to take them down, the more we reinforce the power they actually have over us! LET GO! Wake up to who you are as a soul, beyond the ego, beyond the archaic modalities of fighting, protesting and anger towards these elite. Emanate love and be change by dissolving the power the control mechanism has over our reality through these various traps. We are not going to tear it down, it will come down when we begin to emanate a vibration, a level of consciousness where this cannot exist! We must go to this point, not stay here and fight against it.

With love to each and everyone one of you, regardless of what role you are playing and what vibration you are emanating. We are all in this together, connected with the ability to create whatever we wish. Wake up to the power you have as a soul. Your natural state is peace and love, why fight it?


Part 2: Why The “Truther” Fight Will Not Bring Down The Control Mechanism

To add a little more to what was discussed in the previous article. The idea had been created that by not feeling fear, anger, or judgment towards the control mechanism it may mean we should do nothing in regards to sharing and pointing out the truth behind the control mechanism. Sharing information as to how the world truly works and the manipulation that goes on is very necessary for the shift we are experiencing.

We are going to have to lift the veils for all to see that the world pulled over our eyes isn’t exactly what we think it is and one of the best ways to do that is to pass on that truth to others through exposing it and sharing.

The main message I wanted to get across in the last article was simply that us maintaining anger and resentment over what the control mechanism does is not conducive, vibrationally, for creating a new world where the control doesn’t exist.

It is still important for souls to share the truth about what is taking place with the control mechanism. Simply, when we share that truth or point it out, we should not come from a point of anger, judgment or revenge when we share and move forward with how we can dissolve it.

The most powerful thing we can do is share this stuff without any emotion backing it that will create more of a lower density within the collective. People can then observe it and be at peace with it but begin to not buy into it because they now have a higher awareness that sees through the manipulation. As they see through it and don’t reinforce it with any other emotions, they begin to take power back and the control mechanism becomes more and more unstable. Simply because we are at peace with it and not angry about it does not mean we are passive and not doing anything about it.

It truly is all about seeing things for what they are but not adding anything to it at the human level. Meaning adding no judgment, no fear no anger etc. One is still able to see it all, and share it all, but from a place where they are assisting to dissolve the old programs vs. continuing to play within them.

Much Love

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